Adios 2009 – From All of Us

Last week, we bade farewell to a decade about which most Americans feel pretty crummy on the whole. The Pew Research Center for People and the Press conducted a survey about people’s feelings on leaving the last ten years, and more (50%) have a pretty negative view of it (only 27% were positive).  Other decades, going back to the 60’s engender a more endearing quality, but that may be seen through the mist of nostalgia.  There were some positive notes, though.  Technological changes, in particular, strike the public as positive. Respondents had the overall best view of cellphones, which 69% claimed were a change for the better. Sixty-five percent said the same of both e-mail and the Internet.

Other, more advanced handheld devices, such as BlackBerrys and iPhones, were also relatively popular, though one-quarter of respondents thought they were a change for the worse. Unsurprisingly, younger adults were more likely to be positive about the rise of smartphones, while users over 65 were more evenly split. And the growth of environmentally friendly products is seen as a change for the good.  People are a lot more optimistic about the decade yet to come. 59% think it will be better, and only 32% think it will be worse.



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