Big Doings at the FCC

January is going to be a big month over at the FCC.  There will be hearings on broadband, media ownership rules, and a ruling on the Comcast- BitTorrent case which is going to be a big player in the net neutrality issue, scheduled to be on the calendar in the spring.  Speaking of net neutrality, this week, the Songwriters Guild sent a letter to the FCC stating that any laws that did not allow ISPs to ban illegal downloaders “would continue to permit rampant Internet piracy”.   On the other hand, according to the Hollywood Reporter, The Writers Guild East favors net neutrality, saying that  “it is critical that the extraordinary potential of the Internet not be stifled by corporate conglomerates that restrict access for their own commercial gain.”  Seems like they might be speaking directly to the Comcast stake in NBC Uni.  The writers feel that an open Internet gives the public options to gain access to content that might not be available from traditional outlets. While this body also opposes piracy, it feels that the piracy issue is one for law enforcement agencies to control.


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