Coming Soon to a TV Near You – 3-D

It didn’t amount to much in the ‘50’s, but it looks like Avatar is spurring a move toward 3-D – in television.  Two  media entities — a group composed of Discovery Communications, Sony and IMAX, and ESPN – announced in separate news this week that they would launch 3-D TV networks either late this year or early next year.  The Discovery-sony-IMAX deal will be a 24 hour a day channel.  The ESPN channel will only air when events are in progress. The first one will be in June 2010 – the FIFA World Cup. Says Hollywood Reporter –  “There are significant hurdles for the adoption of 3D TV, however: To watch the content, viewers must have a 3D-ready TV set and 3D glasses and might need a new set-top box.
In addition, the extra cost of producing content in 3D could mean that distributors will pass those costs on to consumers, resulting in another pay cable tier similar to current HD packages.”


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