Oh Look, A Vook

As with journalism, the expectation is that other forms of reading will migrate online this year in a big way.  The Washington Post discusses the emergence of Vooks – digital books that have video embedded in them.  It is certainly early days yet for this new medium –one six part story on the Vook has about 700,000 readers, or should we say users.  I myself, being hopelessly old school when it comes to the novel, am of two minds  about this development On one hand , it’s really exciting being able to do such cool stuff with reading material.  It could really add to the experience, and it revolutionizes the illustration.  On the other hand, it overtaxes the already information overloaded brain and removes focus from the actual thought.  Vook’s developer says that the two things – books and vooks – pretty much mutually exclusive, with different user experiences, and one is not meant to replace the other.  That’s a relief.


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