Tweeting for Fun Not Profit

You may have suspected that, despite all the hype about Twitter being used for business, it’s really still primarily a service used to report that its constituents are eating cornflakes or out buying toilet paper.  SemanticHacker, reports ReadWriteWeb, took a look at 9 million tweets from over 2 million Twitter users and presented the results in graph form.  All I can say is, the hype is, as usual, a bit overblown. 30% of the reported tweets are updates of the users’ status, and 27% are private conversations. Spam, advertising and other messages (polls, celebrity interaction, etc) take up another 16%.  Of the remaining 27%, there might be some really terrific content, falling in the realm of links to articles, video, sports, entertainment and customer recommendations.  Here’s the kicker.  After English, the most popular Twitter language is Portuguese.  It’s really nice and warm in Brazil right now – a nice place to suck up spare time, tweeting away.


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