Boxee Goes for the Money

Although the numbers for television viewing are still really good, there is expected to be a generational shift away from the tube and onto the computer screen.  This shift is the market focus of start-up Boxee (we’ve mentioned them many times before) which creates set-top boxes that moves web content to the TV screen.  It’s an almost perfect marriage in which users want ever more content, and content providers expect to get paid for providing it.  This week, Boxee said that it will be introducing a payment plan for its software.  Content providers will be able to start charging through Boxee this summer, on an a-la-carte basis. While the service already streams content from Netflix, Comedy Central,, Pandora and a few other providers, the payment option opens the door to new partners.  Says Mashable, “ the idea of being able to buy or rent content on your TV that you can also watch on your Mac or PC (or even iPhone or iPod) is compelling. Boxee is legitimizing itself in a sense by making it clear that it wants to play in this space. The convergence of media options is upon us, and it will be fascinating to see how content providers, content platforms and consumers respond and react to these changes.”  

Meanwhile, the LA Times reports that while all of this artistic content exchange is going on, the real money in this space is already starting to stream in from the adult entertainment industry. “While only half a dozen of the 300 or so applications on Boxee are pornographic, they’re among the most popular. Boxee expects to continue to add more adult content providers as they get wise to the service’s more than 800,000 users.”


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