Cooking By the Vook

When I first heard about the vook, that true mash-up of book and video, I was thinking about novels.  And as I pondered, it came to me that, wait a minute, there’s another name for this, and it’s “movie”.  But I was thinking way too narrowly.  It is written material with embedded video content, and Women’s Day has come up with a perfect use for it – what they’re calling a “cookvook”. Vook, which is also the name of the company that creates the multimedia mix, has 250 new book titles planned for this year, but the “Cookvook” is its first foray into the magazine world. The Women’s Day project, says Mediaweek, will sell for $9.99, be available online or as apps for the iPhone or iPod touch, and contain 45 how-to videos.  A social networking feature will allow readers to share recipe comments through Facebook. Yes, there are already about a gazillion recipe outlets as web sites or apps, but the chief brand officer for WD feels that this has value because of its “hand-picked content”. And, he points out, this is “something that you return to again and again”.


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