Media Myths — Confirm or Deny

LEK Consulting issued  some findings from a study they did on “Hidden Opportunities in New Media”. Here are a few of those opportunities, which don’t seem all that hidden to me.  First off, cable providers can rest safely in the assurance that people will continue to be happy to shell out their money.  What’s more, for the most  part, they are willing to pay a few extra shekels for the ability to watch TV shows either online or on mobile, as long as those shekels do not add up to more than $20. The cable bill will end up being a catch-all for much viewing on all platforms.

Rather than decreasing TV viewing, the study found, DVR usage actually increased it.  Of course, as DVR’s pick up usage, broadcasters are going to have to come up with a way to make sure that the time-shifting population gets their quota of advertising.  Some other findings – e-readers could be the savior that publishers are seeking; e-reader owners read more than paper readers do, both books and periodicals, and they read stuff that they would not have read in print.

We’ve mentioned this before, but these numbers make the truism startling – people are multi-consuming like crazy. 33% of online time is also spent with the TV on; 19% of people who are online are also listening to music, and 11% of people who are online are also talking on the phone.  In other news, Internet radio is about to put satellite to permanent sleep. And the study debunked and confirmed several media myths.

Debunked: TV will be ravaged by Internet cannibalization; the success of movies this year will continue; DVD sales drops are due to the recession and will bounce back later

Confirmed: Physical newspapers are continuing their march to total irrelevance; “all you can eat” pricing works better than transactions in a recession; “Life requires a soundtrack”, Internet usage continues to eat into personal time.



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