When the World Goes Mobile


Some weeks ago, MorganStanley issued their projections on the growth of mobile (you can read all about it in my Really Long Post of Predictions for 2010) in which they said that mobile will overtake the desktop in five years.  A new study by Gartner speeds up that prediction and says that mobile will become the most common form of web accessing equipment by 2013. According to the MediaPost, the Gartner report says that 2014 is the year in which 3 billion of the world’s people will be able to conduct transactions on mobile, although cash transactions will still predominate for a while longer as the foundation for making those transactions electronic are being built.  So, if you are a marketer, and your web site still requires lots of clicks and is only formatted for the bigger screen (which used to be the small screen before there was an even smaller screen), get cracking. And in the mobile world to come, the most important key will be context – what’s close to where I am now; how the information I find is relevant to me, my experience, and my social connections.



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