Comcast Tries to Make Nice With The FCC

Comcast want to be sure that the government is not going to slap them with any kind of anti-trust anything.  This week, its chairman insisted that in its takeover of NBC, the idea of putting the network on cable was not even on the tip of its mind.  Comcast, is, at heart, a local company, and committed to keeping NBC free and over the air with local affiliates.  Comcast urged the FCC to make the merger process a speedy one, and while you’re at it, please don’t place any restrictions on the deal.  Consumer and public interest groups are not convinced of the altruistic nature of Comcast’s intent. Harold Feld, legal director of the public interest group Public Knowledge quickly issued a statement saying that the group was “incredulous” over Comcast’s appeal and urged the FCC to “make certain competitors will have access to Comcast and NBC programming as the online market evolves.” And Jeffrey Silva, a telecommunications expert with Medley Global Advisors, told Reuters on Thursday, “You can expect that public interest groups are going to ask [for] a lot more concessions. … This is just the beginning.” The story comes from B&C.


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