Google Books Again

And speaking of issues that never die, the much reviled Google Books deal is back in the news. In December, Google filed a revised agreement, in an attempt to allay the fears of those who felt that Google was gaining a near monopoly over digital books. Amazon this week filed an objection to the revision, in which it again raised the objection that the agreement violates the US Copyright Act. At roughly the same time a group of academic authors submitted an objections saying, “We do not believe that the settlement of a class action lawsuit is a proper way to make such a profound set of changes in rights of authors and publishers, in markets for books, and procedures for resolving disputes as the (settlement) would bring about,” the letter read. Google, for its part, sticks to its statement that the settlement “stands to unlock access to millions of books in the U.S. while giving authors and publishers new ways to distribute their work.” The hearing is scheduled to take place on Feb 18.


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