Why Most People Could Care Less About the Mobile Web

Another study in the UK, from Essential Research,  found that only 10% of mobile phone users access the web on a daily basis.  It may be that many people who have internet enabled phones don’t realize that they can get access.  Most phones these days, even if they’re not smartphones have the ability to get some kind of connectivity, even if only GPRS.  Yet, 60% of the people studied said that they did not have Internet-capable phones, and only half of those cared to change. In addition to this, cost and perceived usefulness are two of the biggest factors in keeping the mobile Web at bay. Over three quarters of respondents said that they thought it was too expensive to use, while 60% said that the effort necessary to learn how to use a smart phone wasn’t worth it to them. So, exactly the people you’d expect are the ones who are buying up all those iPhones and Blackberries.  They are young (16-34), urban, and primarily professionals. Living in that urban professional world, as most of us do, no matter what our ages, we tend to forget that the rest of the world doesn’t much care about being connected all the time.  Or if they do, the cost to get there is not worth it. What might get the rest of the world to change?  Alex Charlton, a Partner at Essential Research says,

“With high profile marketing campaigns all around us, consumers are aware that they can use their mobile to check their email and use Facebook. What we’ve shown here is that there is a genuine interest from consumers to engage with brands that they already connect with and use their mobiles as an extension to their everyday lives.

“There is a role for all of us to play in making the mobile internet a more attractive proposition to the mass market and the opportunity is massive. Our research highlights the task at hand to commercialise and monetise the mass mobile market and we have unique insight into what needs to happen to enable this. Brands hold the key.”


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