Even Advertisers Think There Are Too Many TV Ads

Does it seem to you that there are even more ads on TV than ever?  Do you sometimes feel that you need to have you hand permanently poised over the fast forward button on your DVR? A study by Forrester Research and the Association of national Advertisers found that most advertisers feel that TV ads have lost their effectiveness.  Why?  Mostly because of what they term “clutter”, that spate of ads in each pod that is so thick that it all jumbles together in a big noisy blur.  While the 30 second spot is not necessarily in danger of demise, branded entertainment is getting a bigger chunk of advertiser dollars this year.  And behavioral targeting will certainly be in the next big wave of spend. Says MediaWeek,

“Contributing to dissatisfaction with the medium was a lack of new audience metrics beyond reach and frequency. Eight-two percent of respondents would like individual commercial ratings. Seventy-eight percent would like to more precisely target consumers.
‘As the overall marketing landscape is in the midst of a massive shift, so is the iconic medium of television,” said Bob Liodice, president and CEO of the ANA. “The standard methods of delivery and measurement need to adapt to what marketers today need: more specificity, greater effectiveness, and more detailed measurement. ROI is one of the most crucial aspects of marketing today, and the processes behind TV must be held to the same scrutiny as marketers.’ “

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