How Online Video Can Start Making Money

Of the 33 million videos that are viewed online (from comScore,  measured in December 2009), how much of it is actually produced content?  My guess is that about 95% of it is still stupid pet trick type user generated stuff.  Which is why it is still only garnering about $1 billion in ad dollars.  Matt Wasserlauf, CEO of BBE, a digital video company, has an interesting take on the development of content for this developing medium, which will ultimately be the focus of the TV Everywhere concept. The barrier, he feels, to unleashing the unlimited potential of online video is quality content, and a model to scale things like ratings and share. 

“In order for the creative community to produce future hit shows for the online medium, they must understand the metrics around success.  With common currency, the industry can scale in a way that TV has enjoyed since its ascent to the top of the media funnel.”


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