Resources for the Harried Online Journalist

The New Yorker, famously, has its fact checkers.  But what if you’re a journalist who’s writing for blogs?  How do you do background checks without an infrastructure behind you?  Some start-ups are hoping to address that issue. PRManna, launched a few days ago is a news source for the tech blogging world.  Help a Reporter Out allows journalists to request information that the community will supply (also tech-related).  PRManna works like this, according to ReadWriteWeb:

After posting a request, journalists receive emails through the PRManna system in addition to a link to their request feed and the option to repost the request to Twitter. Entrepreneurs can then visit the site or follow the newly created PR Manna Twitter account to track queries. The Twitter account was only set up today, but Waggoner is already planning to categorize requests and sources in the near future. While he recognizes the value in more established sites like HARO, Waggoner hopes his site can become the press destination for tech and entrepreneurship.



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