Why the EFF Loves Google’s Super Bowl Ad

By now you’ve probably seen Google’s Super Bowl ad.  And by now you’ve probably seen every possible spoof that’s been made of it.  The Electronic Frontier foundation feels elated that the ad shows how revealing Google users’ histories are. Bing has promised to anonymize search data after six months, but Google continues to hold onto every query and IP address that you’ve looked at in the past 9 months. Both privacy advocates and European regulators have persistently called upon Google to delete search histories after six months. And although Google insists that it protects the privacy of its users, the company might have no choice but to reveal information it has compiled. Courts can issue subpoenas; saboteurs potentially can break into servers. Either way, once the raw data about users becomes known, it can be used to create detailed portraits of individual users, as illustrated by Google itself during the Super Bowl.



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