When is a Cell Phone Not a Phone?

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article a few weeks ago about “The Unused Cellphone App – Calling”.  This seemed particularly poignant to me at the time because I had just gotten a Blackberry (since returned) and I needed to read the manual to figure out how to make a phone call on it.  Phones are used, says the article, non-stop by people as a device upon through which they can conduct their social lives, but only rarely are actual phone made on them by a certain group of people (mostly under the age of 25). A director of consumer experience at HTC Corp says that the new crop of college kids “grew up interacting with people in a certain way, by typing things and sharing photos. And that’s what they are comfortable with….One-on-one interaction may not be as relevant for this generation.” Meanwhile, computer programming is gaining in popularity as major, with the ultimate intent of creating cell phone apps.



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