Print Rushes to Create iPad Apps

Although most of them have not yet seen an actual real-life device,  print media are falling all over themselves rushing to get some sort of app ready for next week’s launch of the iPad.  A recent comScore poll of consumers found that among potential iPad owners, 37% of them plan to read books on it, 34% said that they would read newspapers and magazines, and guess what, they’re willing to pay for it all.  Those who already own some sort of “i” device are familiar enough with the iTunes model of purchasing digital content to be willing to use it to make purchases on the iPad,and 52%  are willing to shell out for content, as opposed to 22% of non-i consumers.   But whether you’re an “i” consumer or some other letter, you are going to paying up if you want to read stuff.  Pricings are starting to emerge, says PCWorld.  The Wall Street Journal, for instance, is going to be charging $17.99 a month for their app. (interestingly, the Journal charges $14.99 a month for a subscription on a Kindle, and $12.99 a month for a print and online subscription,  so obviously the newspaper is seeing this as a different kind of medium, with additional features.) WSJ discusses ad pricing on these new subscriptions, and for the time being anyway, advertisers are rushing to get spots on the apps. And back to comScore’s findings, I found it noteworthy that the unaided brand awareness of the iPad and the Kindle are identical, despite the fact that one has been around for a few years and the other one won’t be a reality until next Saturday.  The Apple hype machine works, it really does.


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