Smartphones Reach Critical Mass

And in the personal sector, less and less people are using just plain phones.  The NPD group reports that in the 4th quarter of 2009, smartphones accounted for almost a third of all handset sales, reaching a sort of critical mass.  Still, because smartphones tend to be expensive, and we are not out of the woods yet, recession-wise, year over year revenues were down for manufacturers.  Still, as smartphones begin to cost under $100, and move out of “early adopter” territory and into the mainstream, some interesting changes are occurring.  First off, since there is something of a learning curve in suing these phones, recommendations from customer ratings and friends are becoming more important.  And, because many of these devices are exclusive to a single carrier, people are starting to think more in terms of the  phone they want rather than the carrier they want to use.  Maybe someday, in the far distant future, devices other than the Google phone will be carrier neutral but till then, the strong brands of the smartphones will more often determine the carrier that people use. MediaPost has the story.



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