The Difficulty of Making an Advertising Job Transition from Print to Digital

Ad Age insists that the transition for media professionals from print to digital is difficult and getting to be moreso.   The beginnings of the digital revolution required that ad sales people understood the print medium, and how to sell the story of the consumers to a brand.  Now, however,   ad sales revolve more around the technology than around the story.  Recruiters are looking for people who are more analytical, who can understand optimization. Add to that the fact that there is a “prejudice against print”. There is a big learning curve in going almost wholly digital. “ Partly for that reason, digital employers who do take a chance on print pros aren’t necessarily going to hand out positions equivalent to those being left behind.”  On the bright side, though,

for print professionals who want to make the switch … their digital competition sometimes lacks certain skills that have become more important in the recession. Many digital natives who came up haven’t experienced the ups and downs of business that have marked other, more mature media sectors. If online advertising increasingly focuses on particular audiences, moreover, over and above certain sites, print professionals may have an advantage.


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