The Times vs The Journal- New York’s Cold War Heats Up

As we’ve mentioned in the past, the Wall Street Journal will be going head to head with the New York Times in a more overt way next month, when they start up their New York section.  The Times says it isn’t worried.  In a recent speech at a convention of the Society of American Business Editors, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr said that in his opinion the Journal was taking on too much by trying to change its coverage and innovating digitally at the same time. As the Times is trying to do, isn’t it? Rupert Murdoch, in launching the new section, into which $15 million has been invested to cover local politics, business, sports and culture,  said that the Times has stopped covering the city as it once did.  To which Sulzberger simply says, “baloney”.  So some interesting turf wars are going to play out in this space in the next few months.

Meanwhile, as the New York Observer observed, an arts reporter who joined the WSJ’s New York section staff last month quit to join the staff of the Times. Let the games begin.



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