ChatRoulette for News

An assistant professor of Media Culture at CUNY, CW Anderson, wondered what would happen if we “created a ‘ChatRoulette for news’ –  that generated content we tended to disagree with — but was also targeted toward our regular levels and sources of news consumption? How hard would it be?”

Why would you want it?  Well, one of the advantages of reading a print newspaper versus the online version of a newspaper is that in print you often find some serendipitous articles because of their proximity to something that you want to read.  Newspapers on the web are appealing primarily because of their ability to direct you to exactly the news that you want to read, what Anderson refers to as “the Pandora of news”. The ChatRoulette model would be the exact opposite of that, and solve the problem of the “drift towards a “Daily Me” or “Daily We,” where we only read news content we already agree with, and our political culture suffers as a result.” It would be interesting, Anderson feels, if we could instead be pointed to articles that are the political or idealogical converse of what we usually read.  Food for thought.

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