Hulu Makes a Profit

I started writing the Media Mash-Up shortly before the birth of Hulu, which seemed at the time like a major innovation. It’s now two years old, and its making a profit. The company says that it will make $100 million in net revenue by the middle of the year.  Last year, it generated $100 million, and turned a profit by the last quarter. Which is more than you can say for that other free video site, YouTube.  I think it’s a question of perception.  YouTube has trying to tout itself as a purveyor of long-form video, and has changed its interface, etc., but still, that’s where you go to see clips. Peter Kafka, in MediaMemo says that the downside for Hulu CEO Jason Kular is that “his network owners still aren’t entirely comfortable with the company’s model, and are worried that all the free programming that Hulu offers cuts into their existing businesses. Hence the push for a subscription plan, which… will include an app for Apple’s iPad (AAPL). “



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