The New YouTube

And this week saw that redesign of YouTube, which, by the way, still has the tagline “Broadcast Yourself”.  Its new interface is supposed to align it better with its owner, Google, being cleaner, and more focused on search. Says CNet, the site has been “has been tweaked for content owners as well. If a video owner has created other videos, these now show up on the top of the page without cluttering up the sides with a myriad of thumbnails and links. YouTube is also giving content owners a way to add branding, be it a profile picture or a logo above each video player–regardless of whether that user is viewing that video from a content owner’s channel page. The company hopes this will spur more subscriptions, and give users a better sense of who made it.” The site encourages conversation between the content owners and site visitors. People can now ask questions and have the person who uploaded the video comment under the Uploader Comments section. The best rated comment rises to the top.

But the real kicker for YouTube is that during their beta test, which started in January, users stayed on the site 7% longer. And that’s what every site aims for.


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