Digital Sales Down a Little, Vinyl Up Alot

As far as digital sales are concerned, the idea that they would make up for declining CD sales has finally been put to rest, as Nielsen SoundScan found that digital sales dropped last quarter for the first time. They didn’t drop much, only about 1%, but that’s a portent of things to come.  Do you wonder how much this had to do with the raising of per-track prices to $1.29?  Billboard notes: “While consumers will still buy hit songs for $1.29, it seems that catalog tracks priced at that level are not selling as well as they were at 99 cents.” Meanwhile, underground, what is picking up, and we have said this before, is sales of vinyl. The Seattle Times reports that according to Nielsen, vinyl album sales are up 55% from a year ago.  And that is benefiting indie-record stores. A day in April has been set aside, for the third year running, as Record Store Day to honor the small brick-and-mortar spaces where music is sold.  To the surprise of many, these Record Store Days turn out to be the biggest sale days of the year, and they are heartening to many who thought that indie stores had disappeared along with tower Records and Virgin Megastores.



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