Commerce Dept Gets Into the Internet Privacy Act

In the wake of Google’s Eric Schmidt being chided by the government officials of 10 countries for failing to adequately protect the personal privacy of Internet users, this week the US Commerce Department started an initiative to look at how the privacy of individuals is being impacted by the Internet economy. The Commerce Dept. has formed what it calls the Internet Policy Task Force to explore “current policy frameworks, and ways to address the challenges of the new internet economy and society in a manner that preserves and enhances personal privacy protection.”   There will be a public meeting next Friday, during which The Commerce Dept hopes to hear from the public, academics, commercial interests, and organizations with opinions on the issue. The aim of this endeavor is to see whether current privacy laws “serve consumer interests and fundamental democratic values.” Policymakers and the president as well consider this an important topic and the goal is to provide the White House with advice, including possibly policy direction for the future, and the hope is that a report will be issued by early fall.



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