More New Journalism Models

As journalism changes in form and function, NewsLabs is launching a platform that will help journalists get used to online news.  The founder of Newslabs thinks that the future of journalism is around the “niche brands that are created by the journalists and writers themselves.”  NewsLabs will take applications for these branded niches, and then help the journalist build a site for the writer, host it, and  set up advertising and SEO.  In return, NewsLabs gets a cut of the ad revenue.  This is not like Demand Media, where writers get paid peanuts for turning out brief stories.  This is actual journalism, with reporters all over the world, a rigorous screening process, and equitable pay.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reports, ProPublica, a nonprofit news gathering outfit has plenty of influential partners – like the Post, the NY times, the LA Times, USA today, Slate, Newsweek,etc.  And those partnerships are paying off.  Recently, one of ProPublica’s reporters won a Pulitzer for an investigative story she had done in partnership with  the Times Magazine section on a New Orleans hospital where several patients died during Hurricane Katrina.  The Times and ProPublica split the cost of the investigation,  and ProPublica helped with the editorial stuff.  Without the underwriting of the well funded Propublica, the story would have probably never been written, because of the expense and the length of the investigation. Eventually the nonprofit would like to showcase more of the work of its writers on its own web site,  and is attempting to raise funds from foundations and other sources.


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