LimeWire Gets Nailed

Chalk one up for big music.  Last week, US District Court Judge Kimba Wood ruled that LimeWire, the big file-sharing service, was in violation of copyright, and that their business model depends upon it, nor has it taken meaningful steps to  stop this infringement from happening.  Limewire, which unlike most P2P services is way out in the open, and based in New York (as opposed to out in the middle of the ocean somewhere), does give a little warning on its site when users are about to download copyrighted material, still, about 98.8% of what gets downloaded through it is in violation. The next step in the case is a June 1 conference, which will lay out the schedule for moving forward, to resolve some still dangling issues.

Here’s LimeWire CEO George Searle’s statement:

LimeWire strongly opposes the Court’s recent decision. LimeWire remains committed to developing innovative products and services for the end-user and to working with the entire music industry, including the major labels, to achieve this mission. We look forward to our June 1 meeting with Judge Wood.

And the happy dance music below comes from Mitch Bainwol, CEO of the music industry’s lobbying group:

This definitive ruling is an extraordinary victory for the entire creative community. The court made clear that LimeWire was liable for inducing widespread copyright theft.



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