The Next Chapter in the LimeWire Story

When we last saw LimeWire, it had just been found liable for copyright infringement, that its very existence had fostered infringement, and the RIAA was calling for it to be silenced forever. That’s pretty bad, but wait, there’s more.  Now music publishers want their piece of the carrion, saying that LimeWire should be liable for damages (paid to them) of up to $150K per infringement.  The P2P site, meanwhile, trying desperately to find a way to stay afloat, says that it wants to develop a new music service that will “compensate the entire industry”.  And, it issued a statement that “publishers are part of the solution”, and welcomed their presence at any negotiating table, reports the Media Decoder. Whether the publishers will agree to negotiation is another question altogether, although probably a better solution than trying to recover damages worth more money than LimeWire could ever possibly have made. But one statement in their complaint says “Although still a haven for piracy, the Internet now features a substantial number of legitimate avenues for the sale and digital distribution of music.”  Among those legitimate avenues is Napster, now owned by Best Buy, the P2P that started it all.


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