About Partners in Human Resources International

A world-class human capital consulting firm that delivers the highest quality solutions to our clients

 It began with a simple idea – create a unique human resources company that would address the various challenges that businesses face with empathy, originality and innovation.

And so Partners in Human Resources International was born. Founded over 13 years ago by Amy Friedman, Jaye Smith and Linda Kline, Partners International began as, and continues to be, a woman-owned business and diversity supporter.

Today, sole owner and CEO Amy Friedman leads a team of diverse and vibrant people committed to new ideas that develop talent and improve performance. Our unique approach  and total synergy of our three core practices – Career Services, Human Capital Consulting, and Executive Coaching & Development – have helped us become the recognized leader in the field.

Partners International is designed to be adaptable and responsive to our clients’ specific needs. We combine the highly personalized services of a boutique, with the global capabilities of a multinational organization. And with our carefully selected partners, we serve you out of more than 180 offices in 24 countries.

Partners in Human Resources International is a member of OI Partners, Inc., an organization of like-minded owner-operated firms throughout the US and across the world.

To see more about Partners in Human Resources International, please visit our website.



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